Monday, June 11, 2012

I could get used to this!

     Thursday afternoon brought a close of my time with Manhattan plumbing and opened a new chapter in our lives, one where I have the luxury of spending each night in my own bed, a concept completely unfamiliar to Kelli and I.  The only time we have had this privilege before was my time spent in the service department up in Great Falls.  We know from those memories that this new job will be a refreshing change from the traveling we have grown used to, one we are both looking forward to!
     This last weekend brought with it many good things as well as we finally poured the concrete patio in the footprint of the cabin we demolished!  Im pretty happy with how it turned out, now I have turned my personal designer loose on filling up our additional space.  Saturday we tore down form boards and started a fire around 8 am to burn them up rather than fill the garage with excess wood, our friends Bryant and Hailey have been involved with the cabin project from the beginning so they came over to roast hot dogs over the fire and check out the finished product.  We put out the fire around 4 and headed into town for a documentary on the Yellowstone river called Where the Yellowstone Goes.  This was a fascinating movie as the film crew floated the entire river, all the way to the confluence with the Missouri!  They chronicled some of the people who live along the river and as we watched it I couldn't help but think about my childhood and all of the memories I have from this river!  I highly recommend everyone to check out their website as they are showing this movie all across the country in the coming few weeks, got to to find all of their dates.  Even if you have no connection to the Yellowstone river at all you will enjoy the movie for all of the heart warming stories along the way!
     To cap off our amazing weekend my parents stopped by yesterday and visited for a while on their way over to Butte.  They are on a week long trip over to North Dakota to visit family and friends, stopping in Glendive along the way to play in a golf tournament memorial for a very good family friend of ours, Connie Balcer.  We shared a really nice visit as they had lunch and then they headed out to spend the night in the new hunting camper over in Butte.  And last but not least, as we were winding down for the weekend, the doorbell rang and upon opening the door there sat a gnome cupcake!  Hailey had made cupcakes in the form of gnomes and knowing how much I love these little creatures her and Bryant snuck one up to our doorstep!  It was quite comical, but more importantly delicious! 
     I only hope that each of the weekends to come will be as enjoyable as this one was, I don't know if it is because of the excitement of a new job or the fact that I didn't have to get up at 2am today, but it sure was a fun weekend!  If the coming weeks even come close to this past one, I know I could get used to this!

Remember, when nothing seems to go right, go left:)

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